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Love Messengers - We Said We Said OUT NOW

Love Messengers: We Said We Said

30th June 2010

To Be Released 1st July 2010

”Love Messengers” rocks with quality songs.

”We Said We Said” the debut album by the band from Pori,Finland includes 60´s and 70´s classics plus lesser known gems, spiced with their own sound and straightforward approach.

This first album by this band who started out in 2009, lets the music take you within.
The idea of a cover album filled with his all-time favourites was vocalist Timo Pääkkö´s long time dream as the world is filled with brilliant but forgotten songs.
Style-wise “We Said We Said” offers fine examples of genres such as pub-rock, psych-pop and garage rock. The chosen songs represent a wide spectrum of repertoire from different artists, from the world-famous to alternative, little known ones. You will hear songs made famous by Dr. Feelgood, Jim Pembroke and David Bowie, not to forget the ones made by Wimple Winch and the Remains.

Love Messengers:
Timo Pääkkö :Guitar And Vocals
Jussi Reunamäki : Keyboards
Tarmo Lehtonen : Bass
Keith Hall : Drums

”We Said We Said” was recorded and mixed at Sunset Studio between May 2009 and January 2010. It was mastered by Juha Kormano.

“We Said We Said” will be released 1st June “ 2010. Record release party will be held on 22nd July at the Monttu Music Club in Pori. Available in all the best stores incl.

Distribution :
Clear Spot International BV
Hermelijnkoog 21
1822CA Alkmaar
The Netherlands

SoundHawk Records
P.O.BOX 118
28101 Pori
tel.+35845 677 6518



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